Inside Out: Yogi Cinnamon Vanilla Healthy Skin Tea

In hopes of getting “glowy skin”-the kind that doesn’t consist of an oil slick being on my face. I’ve taken to drinking Yogi Tea’s Healthy skin for 16 days straight. Which I don’t really mind because it aids in my attempt to drink more water, and cut down on my intake of anything aside from water.


  1. The tea is supposed to be formulated with skin-friendly ingredients to help rejuvenate and moisturize skin.
  2. It has a bend of nettle leaf, mullein leaf and schisandra berry to hydrate and retain moisture in the skin’s tissues.
  3. The cinnamon and cardamom in the tea supports circulation, while the cocoa shells and vanilla bean add intriguing flavor.
  4. Each cup is a way to hydrate, and get healthy-looking skin that glows.
  5. The tea delivers both the hydration and plant-based nutrients that the skin needs to look and feel its best.

Honestly, it tastes like a bunch of hot water. Now, I’m not 100% sure if it’s just me and my taste buds need to be assaulted in order for me to taste something, if I’ve been making tea incorrectly my whole life, or if it’s actually tasting like hot water.

I will say that it smells pretty good though. I wish it taste as strong as it is fragrant, but I guess we can’t have our cake an eat it too.

Today is my second day drinking the tea. I usually drink it in the morning with whatever I’m eating (it reminds me to eat in the morning which I never do). I do not ass any honey or agave because if I did I would be sucking down about three heaping tablespoons and that kind of defeats the purpose, no?

Given that today is my second day though, my skin has a little more of a glow than usual. However, I want to give the credit of those results to the Peel-off masks & pore strips/tea tree + Coconut Oil/Burt’s Bees Night Cream combination I used last night.

On another note: I do love the little quotes that comes on eat tea bag which is why I love Yogi tea’s in general.

Anyways I have 14 more days of this tea to see what’s happening next so, I’ll be sure to keep my blog updated at the end of each significant landmark in this tea trial.

What is this blog about?

So I’m kind of on a quest for something. To be beautiful, on the outside.

I’m pretty freaking awesome already, but I do feel like I’m a wee bit lazy and I can definitely take a little more care of myself. I mean, at this moment in time my version of Beyonce’s ‘I woke up like this’ is looking like a gremlin. Sure, I can throw on a buttload of make-up and walk out of the house looking like a super-model or a candidate for RuPaul’s Drag Race, but I want the achieve that without all the crap on my face. Pretty much because at that point I’d be looking like a girl gremlin. Plus, summer is coming and I prefer my face to not to melt off as California warms up.

The three main things I will be targeting in hopes of improving are my skin, hair (which is dry as the Sahara), and my nails. Ultimately, my goal for this blog is to pretty much document, my trials and tribulations as I try to work on these things to whip them into shape.

Let’s see how well this works.